Much like guitar, piano is immensely popular and celebrated all over the world. People are truly inspired by the quality and variety of great music that has been composed for the instrument. Many of the world's finest composers and songwriters created and continue to create today their masterpieces at the piano keyboard. The piano is at home in numerous musical settings.

Piano Lessons for Kids

Piano lessons for kids are designed for success at every step in the process. Good posture for playing piano is encourage at every lesson.

Beginner students learn how to properly sit at the piano, getting the right distance from the piano and sitting with a relaxed tall posture.

After mastering sitting at the piano, children are taught how to find good hand position at the piano keyboard. Proper hand curve and fingertip placement are taught from the beginning. Students also memorize the fingering number system used in piano sheet music. This is crucial for working out complex musical passages.

In the beginning, children will learn to play easy songs on the black keys, playing by finger numbers. This way kids will have songs to practice from the fist lesson. Students are required to practice with their play along CD in order to develop strong sense of rhythm, the ability to listen well and blend. In addition, each new song will introduce an new musical concept such as rhythmic note values, rests, bar lines, measures, dynamic signs, time signatures, the damper pedal, steps, skips, intervals, musical alphabet and the like.

After successfully completing the intro lessons, students will begin learning to read notes on the grand staff, starting with the bass clef. The reading of notes is introduced slowly, starting with one note songs, then two and three note songs. New notes are introduced in a sequential logical manner. Students are encouraged to use flashcards to aid in memorizing note names, fingerings, terminology and musical symbols. Every lessons students will be assigned new songs and also music theory lessons that compliment each new song.

Piano Lessons for Older Beginners and Adults

Typically, older beginners are students enrolled middle school and high school. The motivation, for older beginners and adults, to take up piano lessons is usually very similar. What usually draws these students to piano lessons is a love for music, a favorite artist, band or song that inspires them to want to sit at the piano and learn how to play.

The teaching approach for these students is based around popular songs. Students learn the fundamentals of music and piano through the actual songs themselves. There is an emphasis on learning from lead sheets.

In this method, the pianist plays the melody of the song in the right hand. The left hand plays a chordal accompaniment by interpreting chord symbols written above the musical staff. Once these concepts are mastered, more advanced techniques for both hands are introduced for adding interest to pop piano arrangements.

Concepts learned in chord piano style include reading in the treble clef, chords and inversions. Specifically, students learn to construct and spell all the different qualities of chords, inversions, slash notation and the like. Recordings are used to get the overall feel and arrangement of a given song.

This way students learn to play their favorite songs much the same way they are played on the original recordings. This approach has proven to be effective over the years since students are learning songs and music that inspires them to play, practice and perfect their new found artistic endeavor.